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Actors and actresses who turned down nude roles

Actors and actresses who turned down nude roles

It's not unusual to see actors and actresses appear nude in Hollywood movies. It's not considered taboo especially if the story requires such scenes. However, not all movie stars necessarily think this way. Below are other actors who turned down or dropped out of a role that would have them nude on camera.

Jake Gyllenhal as Matthew in "The Dreamers"
Jake turned down the part because, as the director, Bernardo Bertolucci, said, "It became clear that Jake would have been tortured about showing his body."

Natalie Portman as Charlotte Haze in "Lolita"
She turned down the lead in Adrian Lyne's 1997 remake because she disagreed with the sexual content.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catherine Tramell in "Basic Instinct"
She reportedly turned down the lead role because it demanded so much nudity and sexual simulation.

Diane Lane as Violet in "Pretty Baby"
Lane lost out on the part to Brooke Shields, but she is quoted saying that she would not accept even if offered. "I didn't want to be known as that little girl who did the nude scene," she said in 1980.
11 months ago
Scallop flavored ice cream, sounds strange but tastes nice

Scallop flavored ice cream, sounds strange but tastes nice

Rumor has it that in Aomori Prefecture there exists a soft-served ice cream made with the flavor of hotate (Yesso scallop), a widely eaten shellfish in Japan. While hotate goes great with a little dab of wasabi, it’s hard to image the scallop’s taste blending well with ice cream.

The ice cream is sold for 200 yen (US$2) each and served in your choice of cone or cup. There was another sign by the register that read: “The saltiness and sweetness of scallops is the best match for fresh milk.”

Sure enough the ice cream tasted like the shellfish, and we don’t mean that in a “scallop flavoring” way. The taste was apparently achieved by blending hotate extract in with the milk before making ice cream with it, so this is the real thing!

That description probably sounds terrible to a lot of people, but it worked out amazingly well. The ice cream definitely tasted like scallops but the taste wasn’t so overpowering that you’d forget you were eating ice cream. The two foods achieved a yin-yang effect, co-existing in harmony. It was salty, sweet and delicious.

In conclusion, you might expect scallop flavored ice cream to be simply a novelty joke food. Something that tastes awful but you can tell your friends about after visiting Aomori. However, the makers of Hotate Soft Cream managed to create a magically delicious treat out of two unsuspecting foods, and we can safely say that this is a treat you should definitely try if you find yourself in Honshu’s northernmost prefecture.
11 months ago
This ice cream can glow in the dark

This ice cream can glow in the dark

A British entrepreneur has created the world's first glow-in-the-dark ice cream - using jellyfish.

Charlie Francis has harnessed the fluorescent properties of the marine animal to develop the luminescent snack.

He came up with the idea after reading a research paper on jellyfish and convinced scientists in China to chemically recreate the glowing protein.

The ice cream reacts with the eater's tongue - raising the pH level in the protein and making it glow.

Chris says because the ice cream lights up when it reacts with the heat of the mouth it means the more you lick, the brighter it becomes.

Charlie, founder of the 'Lick Me I'm Delicious' ice cream company, said: 'It is incredible stuff but still at very early days in terms of production, so £200 gets you about 2g of the stuff.

'The protein we are using in the ice cream reacts with your tongue at neutral pH. So as your mouth warms up the protein it will raise the pH level and the ice cream will glow.

'We have been testing it out over the past few months and it seemed perfect to share it over Halloween because it gives that wonderful glow effect.

'It is probably the most expensive ice cream I have made because the jellyfish luminescence is four times more expensive than gold. So each scoop costs me around £140. It tastes pretty good though.'

Charlie's experimental company, based in Bristol, is famed for its unusual flavours including beer, cheese, beef and gold leaf.

But his next creation is set to be even more ambitious.

He said: 'I really want to develop an invisible ice cream. It is inherently impossible because of the refraction caused by the ice crystals which make up the ice cream, but I reckon we will find a way of doing it.'
11 months ago
A little fun with simple social word game

A little fun with simple social word game

From board games to arcade games, then console games, PC games, smartphone games, and now tablet games. Those were the transitions in trends that humankind went through with regard to games.

We used to play simple games. Then we'd want something more exciting. Then we enjoyed more sophisticated games. Lately we demand more realistic games!

But in recent times, the trend seems to have gone in reverse. We prefer simpler and more adhoc games, with the emergence of mobile devices and their trademark games such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and so on.

Who knows what kind of game we will prefer to play in the future? How about a social word game such as this (

Well I am not sure. Word games sound too simple for the current society's liking. But hey it's social. Isn't social the trend nowadays? May be it's worth a try then and see if you like it!
11 months ago
How can you tell if a fruit is ripe?

How can you tell if a fruit is ripe?

As fruits ripen, they change in color, size, weight, texture, flavor, and aroma (some even produce ethylene gas); these varied attributes can be good indicators of ripeness.

Color is a clue, but not a reliable one
With some fruits, you can tell they're ripe by their color. Some fruits like bananas and apples have bright colors underneath the green chlorophyll layer; the colors show through as the chlorophyll disappears. Others, like tomatoes, make their red-orange compound at the same time that the chlorophyll breaks down. Bluish-red berries become a deeper, more intense red as they ripen. For these fruits—bananas, apples, tomatoes, red berries, cherries—color change is an excellent indication of ripeness.

Aroma hints strongly at flavor
Smell is especially important when color is not a good indicator of ripeness, e.g. with most melons. Chemical changes take place in ripening fruits that cause them to produce sensuous, luscious-smelling volatile compounds. Sniff the blossom end of the fruit (the end opposite the stem) and only select fruit that has a full, fruity aroma.

Feel for a tender texture
As fruits ripen, the substances that hold the cells together break down and convert to water-soluble pectins, which makes the fruit become softer, so a gentle squeeze is a good test for ripeness. If a plum is rock hard, it isn't ripe. The squeeze test is especially useful with fruit that doesn't have a hard or thick rind, so squeeze stone fruit, pears, kiwis, and avocados. This doesn't work well with melons or pineapples, but even then, a little give is a good sign.

Heavy is good.
Weight can be a good indicator of ripe fruit. You'll often see the phrase "heavy for its size" as a positive attribute for fruit. It generally means that the fruit is at least fully mature, which is a good start on the road to ripeness. A heavy tomato or grapefruit, for example, is usually a good one.
11 months ago
Four health benefits of dragon fruit (also called Pitaya)

Four health benefits of dragon fruit (also called Pitaya)

Dragon Fruit Cholesterol
Keeping a heart healthy low cholesterol diet? Don't worry about your cholesterol Dragon fruit cholesterol is not an issue. Dragon fruit is both low in cholesterol and has little to no unhealthy cholesterol producing fats (certain fats which are metabolized to cholesterol contribute to increased cholesterol levels more than even cholesterol itself in food sources of cholesterol).

Dragon Fruit Vitamin C
The amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit is high, and because the dragon fruit is a natural fruit providing you with a rich balance of nutrients coming along with the vitamin C, your body absorbs the Vitamin C in dragon fruit efficiently when you eat dragon fruit as part of your fruit healthy diet.

Dragon Fruit Antioxidants
Eat dragon fruit as a good natural source of anti-oxidants which help to prevent the dangers of free radicals which can cause cancer and other undesirable health detriments.The number, quantity, and variety of antioxidants in real foods like dragon fruit is completely unmatched by any food supplement or pills - even those claiming to have 'antioxidant' health benefits.

Dragon Fruit Fats
Dragon fruit does have a small amount of fats because there are so many seeds in the edible part of the fruit. There can be literally thousands of the small black seeds in any given dragon fruit, and like most seeds and nuts they have both fats and protein in them while the flesh of the fruit itself has virtually none. Many fruits we eat have the seeds removed, like apricots, peaches, apples and the like, so we tend to think of fruits as being completely fat and protein free.

Dragon Fruit Fiber
Dietary fiber is an important nutrition factor for everyone from young to old, and the best way to get dietary fiber is to eat fruits and vegetables including fruits like the dragon fruit. As you might expect, like many fruits, dragon fruit has lots of dietary fiber with almost 1g of fiber per 100g of the fresh dragon fruit.
11 months ago
Three reasons to stop eating French fries

Three reasons to stop eating French fries

French fries, also commonly referred as chips, fries, finger chips, or French-fried potatoes, are the favorites of many, despite being universally agreed as unhealthy. A recent attempt to make fries "more healthy" was the switch made by some fast food restaurants to use 100% vegetable oil for deep frying. But in fact, this switch made French fries more dangerous than ever, contrary to what the FDA was telling us.

Vegetable Oils
If you think that you are getting a freshly cut potato fried in “healthy” vegetable oil when you order your fast food fries, think again. While it has taken years, it is finally being recognised that trans fat is very damaging to your health. Trans fat is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil, and has been implicated in such health conditions as:
- Coronary heart disease
- Stroke
- Diabetes
- Cancer
- Obesity
- Infertility
- Premature aging

Natural and Artificial Flavor
The food flavor industry is an underground movement that operates behind closed doors. Both artificial and natural flavorings are made in a laboratory by blending a variety of ingredients together. According to Gary Reineccius, a food and science nutrition professor at the University of Minnesota, artificial flavorings are simpler, cheaper and easier to produce than natural flavorings, so foods that contain natural flavors are often more expensive.

If these two reasons are not enough for you to give up your fries, perhaps knowing that starchy foods such as potatoes that are cooked at a high temperature release cancer-causing chemicals known as acrylamides. Animal studies have confirmed that acrylamides cause tumors to form. The National Toxicology Program and the International Agency for Research on Cancer consider acrylamides to be a “probable human carcinogen,” based on studies in laboratory animals given acrylamides in drinking water.
11 months ago
Laughter, the key to mental and physical well-being

Laughter, the key to mental and physical well-being

So have you, like the rest of us, heard that laughter is the best medicine? Congratulations! You have heard the correct news. Even if you are faced with stress and anxiety in your life then laughter, indeed, is the cheapest and the most effective remedy you can have to deal with today’s life and its pressures.

Laughter not only relaxes our mind but also relaxes our body. It is said that laughter can keep your muscles relaxed for 45 minutes. So! Does this sound convincing? Then wait till you see what wonders laughter can do for you and for your body. Well! We suggest that you give it a try yourself now and see how positively laughter is affecting you, your mood, your body and your mind.

Laughter boosts the body’s immunity system and decreases the stress hormone; it also boosts the infection-fighting antibodies and thus strengthens the immunity of our bodies.

Laughter releases Endorphins, the chemicals in the body, which promote a sense of well-being in us and also help in temporary pain reduction. Well! You have another reason to laugh as this also increases the body blood flow and thus boosts the blood vessel functions. It is, therefore, a great medicine for all who suffer from blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.  While we laugh we breathe faster and this sends more oxygen to the body tissues.

And how can we overlook another important issue of today’s society weight loss, laughter helps you on this front too and a mere laughter, which lasts for 10—15 minutes burns around 50 calories in the body. Well! On the social front laughter strengthens our relationships with others, it is, of course, always fun to be around people who laugh. Laughter adds charm and attraction to one’s personality.
11 months ago
Seven myths about coffee consumption

Seven myths about coffee consumption

Myth 1: Coffee makes you feel stressed out
Drinking coffee does not increase stress levels or make you feel anxious or nervous. Coffee is considered a natural stimulant which can have a relaxing effect on your mind.

Myth 2: Caffeine causes insomnia
This is a common myth about caffeine which is not true. When you drink a cup of coffee, the body almost instantly absorbs the caffeine but it also discards it out quickly.

Myth 3: Drinking coffee causes cancer
Several researches show there is no connection between regular coffee consumption and the development of cancer. In fact, it is argued that people who drink coffee daily are at a lower risk of getting cancer.

Myth 4: Coffee has no health benefits
This is not true. Coffee contains useful antioxidants which improve your heart health and prevent/fight cancer. Coffee improves your concentration levels which in turn boosts your efficiency at work and personal life. It can also benefit people suffering from insomnia as drinking coffee can help you get better sleep.

Myth 5: Caffeine is addictive
People who drink coffee regularly say that they are addicted to caffeine because they feel that they can’t leave without it. Addiction is when a person strongly depends on a drug with severe withdrawal symptoms. He should have an urge to consume it more and more and is tolerant to a particular dose. This is not the case with caffeine.

Myth 6: Coffee causes miscarriage, infertility and low birth weight
This is a misconception about coffee which has no strong evidence of being true. Scientist has found there is no direct link between drinking coffee and miscarriages. Similarly women who take coffee regularly don’t necessarily give birth to babies with low body weight.

Myth 7: Drinking coffee may cause Osteoporosis
This is another common myth about coffee which has no truth. Lack of calcium and vitamin D in your diet is the leading cause of Osteoporosis and coffee consumption has a role in it.
11 months ago
Eating fish deters cancer, diabetes, asthma, and more

Eating fish deters cancer, diabetes, asthma, and more

According to researchers from around the world, they have stated that there are a lot of health benefits of fish. These health benefits of fish help to reduce the risk of diseases ranging from childhood asthma to even prostate cancer.

Health Benefits Of Fish This super-food is packed with a hige source of omega-3 fatty acids which protects one against a range of diseases like cancer to heart disease, depression to arthritis. It also helps to cut those pounds if added to your daily diet as it is low in fat and high in proteins.

Apart from all this, here are some of the health benefits of fish you should be aware of. Take a look:

Suffering from Asthma
There are tons of people who are suffering from asthma. If you make fish one of your daily foods, it will help get rid of the problem.

For the Brain and eyes
One of the best foods which is good for the brain and eyes is fish. The rich content of omega 3 fatty acids helps to contribute to brain tissue and the protection of the retina. This is one of the best health benefits of fish.

Ward off Cancer
To help ward off this dangerous disease, fish is a healthy food you need to consume. The omega 3 fatty acids in fish help to reduce the risk of many types of cancers by 30 to 50 per cent. Cancers like colon, breast and oral can be prevented by consuming fish.

Cardiovascular disease
The best health benefit of fish is that if one consumes it every week it helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. It also prevents the risk of stroke as it reduces the blood clots and inflammation and improves the blood vessel elasticity.

The health benefits of fish solves a lot of problems for those who are suffering from diabetes. Regular intake of fish helps to manage blood sugar levels.
11 months ago
Foods to avoid giving your baby

Foods to avoid giving your baby

Babies shouldn’t eat much salt as it isn't good for their kidneys. Don't add salt to your baby’s food and don't use stock cubes or gravy as they're often high in salt. Remember this when you’re cooking for the family if you plan to give the same food to your baby.

Your baby doesn’t need sugar. By avoiding sugary snacks and drinks, you'll help to prevent tooth decay. Use mashed banana, breast milk or formula milk to sweeten food if necessary.

Occasionally, honey contains bacteria which can produce toxins in a baby’s intestines, leading to infant botulism, which is a very serious illness. It’s best not to give your child honey until they’re one year old. Honey is a sugar, so avoiding it will also help to prevent tooth decay.

Whole nuts, including peanuts, shouldn't be given to children under five as they can choke on them. As long as there's no history of food allergies or other allergies in your family you can give your baby peanuts once they're six months old as long as they're crushed or ground into peanut butter.

"Low-fat" foods
Fat is an important source of calories and some vitamins for babies and young children. It’s better for babies and young children under two to have full-fat milk, yoghurt and cheese rather than low-fat varieties. See Understanding food groups for more information.

Saturated fat
Don't give your child too many foods that are high in saturated or 'bad' fat, such as crisps, chips, cheap burgers and cakes.

Shark, swordfish and marlin
Don't give your baby shark, swordfish or marlin. The amount of mercury in these fish can affect a baby’s growing nervous system.

Raw shellfish
Raw shellfish can increase the risk of food poisoning so it’s best not to give it to babies.

Raw and undercooked eggs
Eggs can be given to babies over six months old, but make sure they're cooked until both the white and yolk are solid.
11 months ago
You are a superhuman having more than five senses

You are a superhuman having more than five senses

You can still hear your kindergarten teacher labelling her tongue, nose, eyes, ears and fingers in front of the class with each of the five human senses, Taste, Smell, Sight, Sound and Touch. But to your disbelief, you actually have more senses than the standard five.

No, it’s not sixth sense. In fact, some researchers claim humans have over 20 active senses. Whenever we sense something, we do it through our in-built sensors. When sensory cells in our bodies respond to physical sensation and correspond with the receptive cells in the brain, the cause is a sensation.

Humans feel many types of sensations apart from the regular five. We feel pressure, we feel itchy, we feel pain, and we feel hunger. Sense is a very basic term for describing bodily reaction towards a physical sensation.

The most popular five senses are classified since the days of Aristotle. Modern researchers claim that every human being can sense balance, feel thirst when dehydrated, sense burning, as well as time. Following are one of the most common senses human beings are installed within their bodily systems.

- Itch
- Pressure
- Thirst
- Hunger
- Muscle tension
- Pain
- Temperature
- Anxiety
- Time
- Direction

Senses are more pronounced in animals as well. Animals can sense a lot of things, especially danger. Even insects have dynamic senses. Insects can navigate through narrow passages and dark surfaces due to their use of polarization of light. Plants can also detect the direction of gravity in terms of their growth upwards or sideways, etc.

The most important sense in the human body, according to the researchers is the sense of Time.  It’s the most subtle of all senses. We can feel time passing by while we go about living our routine lives. But our brains are always conscious of the time.
11 months ago
The popsicle was invented by an 11 year old

The popsicle was invented by an 11 year old

In 1905, eleven-year-old Frank Epperson from San Francisco, California invented the popular hot weather treat, the Popsicle as we know it today. However, the invention supposedly came about as a pure accident! According to the Popsicle company, one cold evening Frank left a mixture of powder flavored soda water with a stir stick in it on the porch. Because of the cold weather outside, he awoke to a frozen treat on a stick.

Seventeen years later, in 1922, Epperson served his ice lollipops at a Fireman’s ball and they were a huge hit. It didn’t take long then for Epperson to realize the commercial possibilities of his accidental invention. A year later, in 1923, he introduced the frozen pop on a stick to the public at Neptune Beach, an amusement park in Alameda, California. It was a big success. He soon after applied and received a patent for a “frozen confectionery”, in 1924, which he named the “Epsicle Ice Pop”. He began producing it in different fruit flavors on birch wood sticks.

Epperson and his partners set up a royalty arrangement with the Popsicle Corporation, but Mr. Epperson sold his patent to the Popsicle after 1925, to the Joe Lowe Company of New York. At the time, he was broke and had to liquidate all his assets to stay afloat. The Joe Lowe Company grew the brand as the Popsicle gained popularity, diversifying into similar frozen treats such as the twin Popsicle, Fudgsicle, Creamsicle and Dreamsicle.  The Popsicle brand today belongs to Unilever’s Good Humor division, having been owned by a number of companies since its inception.
11 months ago
Cure embarrassing bad breath in minutes

Cure embarrassing bad breath in minutes

Bad breath is a major turn off for almost everyone on this planet. It embarrasses and irritates us and we immediately run to our bathroom to give our mouth a thorough mint rinse. But what is the reason behind bad breath? Is it caused by some particular food that we eat? Or is it due to smoking or taking excessive amounts of alcohol?

Bad breath is often caused by our dry mouth, it happens especially when we wake up after a long sleep. During our sleep, the flow of saliva in our mouth drops to minimum. The saliva lowers germ activity in our mouth, but when we sleep, the germ activity increases since there is not enough saliva to fight them back which causes bad breath the second we wake up. It is often caused by drinking alcohol, which makes our mouth dry. Smoking does the same to our mouth.

Not to forget, spicy foods, garlic, onions, even cheese which contain bad smelling fat that sticks in our gums and cause bad breath. Many infections like, gingivitis, sinusitis also cause germs to develop in our mouth. Whatever might be the cause, we must know how to fix our bad breath before embarrassing ourselves.

The quickest way to remove bad breath from your mouth is to clean your tongue thoroughly. This will remove a lot of germs present in your mouth. Chewing a sugar-less gum also helps in making more saliva in your mouth and reducing germs normally present. Chewing coffee beans also helps in preventing bad breath. If you don’t drink enough water on a daily basis, you need to start drinking a lot of water to prevent a dry mouth. And the easiest of all, get your favorite mouthwash and fight back on those germs.
11 months ago
Watch What You Eat!

Watch What You Eat!

There are a number of foods that we eat on a daily basis, considering they are healthy for us and provide added nutrition to our body but wait! You might be wrong. Recent research shows that a number of beans as well as some delicious dry fruits contain elements that might cause more harm to our body then bring goodness to it.

Almonds are considered an essential for good health but they contain cyanide. Red beans are considered healthy food but until and unless you boil them for at least 10 minutes you might risk eating a poisonous bean which contains phytohaemagglutinin present on the cover. Boiling red beans helps in removing much of the active poison from its shell before it gets into our bloodstream.

Potatoes too are quite harmful for body in ways that we generally do not know. Well, since it’s the best-loved vegetable in the whole world, we must think twice before targeting any potato. But jokes apart, the potatoes having green spots anywhere is a sign of danger for your body. These potatoes contain poisonous solanine that may harm our bodies. To prevent any risks, if you do find a green potato in your grocery bag, take off the green part nicely before cooking or boiling or even baking it, because research shows that whatever you do with the green spotted potato, the poison stays inside, only by removing the green part will you have a poison-free potato.

Dry fruits also have a risk factor associated with them. Many dry fruits we see in the market today are not coming straight from the farm. Dry fruits have to go through an industrial process of drying, before getting packed and distributed round the country this adds potassium sorbate and sulphur to them. This causes an upset stomach and may even cause damage to your digestive system. To prevent any damages, you must not consume large amounts of dry fruits.
11 months ago
Why Friday, the 13th is considered unlucky?

Why Friday, the 13th is considered unlucky?

Well! We, all, will love to know why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky and why do so many people dread it.

A look into the history reveals that both, the day of Friday and the number 13, are considered unlucky and the day these two, the day Friday and the date 13, combine is considered, by many, an evil day.

In United States alone, the fear of Friday the 13 is so prevalent that it can be classified as phobia on an official level.  The figure of people who fear Friday the 13th in United States is as much as between 17—21 million.

The day Friday

It was somewhere around the mid of the 17th century that the day Friday had started to gain the reputation of being an unlucky day. This notion seemed to have spread in the following two centuries and by the 19th century the belief that the day Friday was an unlucky one seemed to have been widely established.

The number 13th

Similarly, the consequence of the number 13 being considered unlucky also has its origin in the Christianity religion; moreover, Hinduism also considers the number 13 as an unlucky one.

The combination of both these, the day Friday and the number 13th, i.e. Friday the 13th seemed to have gained the reputation of being an unlucky day between the 17th and the 18th century. Today Friday the 13th is considered unlucky across many cultures in the world. Today, it is not just the Western society, which dreads this date, this notion seems to have gained popularity across the world.

On another note nobody can deny the fact that movies and novels have also contributed to the today’s widespread belief about Friday the 13th and it is by virtue of these novels and movies that many people across the world, today, recognize this day as an unlucky one.
11 months ago
Spain fines Google over privacy policy

Spain fines Google over privacy policy

It seems that Google is in for a bad news as far as Spain is concerned with having been fined a whopping $1.23 million, which translates to £751,000 and 900,000 Euros, in lieu of breaking the data protection laws of the country. What is important to understand here is that this fine amount is so far the maximum to have been levied upon a firm in lieu of the country’s privacy laws.

This was imposed on Google following the changes it made to its privacy policy, which resulted in Google collecting user’s personal information. These policy changes, which were made by Google in March of 2012, enabled it to both track and collect data pertaining to activity of users across its services and its platform. This user activity also entailed platforms of search engine, YouTube and e-mail among its around 100 services.

Google has been accused of three breaches pertaining to Spanish national law regarding the protection of personal data. The Spanish Government data protection agency accused Google of unlawfully collecting and processing of personal information and was of the view that Google in the process of data collection had not obtained the prior consent of its users and had not even done enough in lieu of explanation of the purpose and subsequent usage of the collected data. The authority termed the language used by Google on its privacy policy pages as ‘highly ambiguous”, which renders it difficult for people to comprehend what would happen to the data collected by Google.
11 months ago
Google launched new advertising technology, Pay per Gaze

Google launched new advertising technology, Pay per Gaze

Recently, Google decided to transform marketing and advertising. It has recently introduced Pay per Gaze advertising. As the name suggests, this concept is based on charging the advertisers whenever their target audience gazes at content. For this purpose Google has introduced a specialized “gaze tracking technique.” This technique is introduced with the emergence of Google glasses.

One can easily conclude that Google is transforming the marketing world by integrating advertising and wearable technology (such as Google glasses). However, the idea of this technology is not new anymore. It has already been around a few years back. For instance, the world is already familiar with gadgets like Nike’s Fuel band, step counters, Jawbone etc. Now, the world is getting to know new means of building even stronger relationships with their favorite brands.
11 months ago
The health benefits of dark chocolate

The health benefits of dark chocolate

We all love chocolates so are these delicious chocolates actually good or bad for our health? Well! The truth is that dark chocolate is considered healthier than white chocolate and it also offers numerous health benefits to the body.

So what is the basic difference between the dark and the white chocolate? Dark chocolate, as compared to the white chocolate, has more cacao and less sugar content. Dark chocolate also offers a high amount of antioxidants; antioxidants offer the body numerous health benefits and fight the free radicals in the body, thus preventing damage to the body. The antioxidants found in dark chocolates include catechins, flavanols and polyphenols among others.

Dark chocolate also entails a good amount of fiber, which is essential for good health and metabolism.

It also offers body minerals like copper, magnesium and iron along with several other minerals. Dark chocolate is also rich in flavonoids, which offers anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants and anti-clotting properties to the body. The good thing is that though the dark chocolate also has caffeine in it but unlike coffee and other beverages with caffeine, the amount of caffeine found in dark chocolate is very small and does not cause loss of sleep at nights.

Dark chocolates also promote heart health and a healthy blood pressure in the body. The benefit of dark chocolate to the heart can be understood from the fact that the antioxidant flavanol in the dark chocolate are known to stimulate the arteries lining, which are known as endothelium, to produce gas called NO Nitric Oxide. This gas causes the arteries to relax, which in turn reduces the blood pressure.

However, for reaping all these benefits of dark chocolate it is essential to eat it in a healthy quantity and not exceed the amount beyond the limit.
11 months ago
When breakfast was actually a dinner

When breakfast was actually a dinner

Breakfast is generally the term used across the world to describe an early morning meal. The term Dinner was the term used in the olden days to describe a meal taken in the morning and in Old French it was called, Disnar, which means breakfast.

Any meal taken before noon or during the first half of the day, used to be called dinner. This dinner consisted of healthy food, and was taken in comparatively larger quantity than the other meals taken during the day.  The meal that was taken in the evening was called supper, which is also in use today. The largest meal taken anytime during the day came to be called dinner.

Gradually, as more meals added to a single day increased, so did the specific names, for instance, brunch for meal taken between breakfast and noon. The meal taken at noon came to be called lunch. In many countries, people prefer having the largest meal of their day when they reach home after a long, tiring day. This made the main meal time shift towards the end of the day, making it the dinner, a meal that we eat in the evening, rather than dinner that was originally used for the meal taken early in the morning.

Many people around the world describe their daily meals as breakfast, lunch, dinner but there are still many countries that eat their largest meal right after noon, and they call it dinner and take a light evening meal, that they call supper, so their daily meals include breakfast, dinner, supper.

Research shows that the largest meals if taken in the morning are best for your health since they get the whole day to get easily digested and spread nutrition in the body equally, getting your muscles and bones the energy they need to spend the day.
11 months ago
How do fish breathe?

How do fish breathe?

A fish breathes through its gills placed on each side of its body. Gills let the fish absorb as much oxygen as they can from the water which becomes a form of energy for the fish. Gills work as the lungs in a human body; they take in the oxygen that is transferred to the whole body, providing it strength.

There is a slight difference between the fish’s gills and lungs in a human body. The gills are able to absorb small quantity of oxygen allowing fish to retain an appropriate quantity of sodium chloride in the bloodstream. This helps the fish to maintain strength for longer periods under water.

In a human lung, there are 70% capillaries known as the alveoli that contain deoxygenated blood. When oxygen and carbon dioxide are filtered through alveoli’s membrane, capillaries help spread the oxygenated blood throughout the body. In the gills, the mechanism is somewhat the same.  Gills are made up of small columns and rows of cells that are grouped together, known as the epithelium. The deoxygenated blood of fish is delivered straight from heart and taken first to the epithelium with the help of arteries working as capillaries in the fish.

Gills, like our lungs, require a huge surface area in order to provide a fish with its need for necessary oxygen. The larger the surface the easier it is for the fish to breathe and supply good amount of oxygen to the body. Sodium maintenance is hardly an issue if both salt water and fresh water fish. The epithelium has tiny cells known as chloride cells that maintain a desired level of sodium chloride the fish’s body. These cells enable the fish to swim smoothly underwater without worrying about less oxygen in the body.
11 months ago
Why do you get smelly breath after having garlic?

Why do you get smelly breath after having garlic?

We all love garlic in our food. In fact, many consider it as an herb to cure illnesses. It is used in a variety of herbal medicine for lowering cholesterol and curing a bad cold. Garlic has a papery skin and grows underground in the form of a bulb out of which emerge green shoots.  

One undeniable fact about garlic is that whenever it is consumed it makes our breath smell pretty bad! Wonder why is that so? Garlic actually contains various sulfuric compounds, found also in onions, which is the main culprit. Whenever a chunk of garlic is put in your mouth, the sulfuric compounds enter your mouth, causing your breath to smell bad. Garlic also develops multiple microbes in your mouth that are able to cause bad breath.

Due to this double effect on your mouth, you are not successful in rinsing out the smell from your mouth, not even by rigid brushing or mouthwash. The bad smell remains in your mouth for at least 3 to 4 hours because the sulfuric compounds found in garlic are metabolized and enter in our bloodstream. During digestion, sulfuric compound named, Allyl Methyl Sulfide enters our bloodstream and is passed around the body and exuded through our pores and passes in the form of air filling our lungs. When we breathe the air goes into our lungs and is filled with allyl methyl sulfide causing our breath to smell bad.

It is quite hard to beat the smelly breath out of your mouth immediately, but many consider mint leaves the best option to get rid of the garlic smell from their mouth. Many people drink hot mint tea after having food that contains garlic.  It is found that drinking milk also reduces bad breath caused by garlic.
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The English Language is indeed the trendiest language around the world. It has a name for almost everything we see, hear, touch, smell and feel! Today we learn about Acronyms used sparingly in the English language.

Acronyms are abbreviations of a conjoined set of words. Acronyms are formed from the initial letters of a string of word put together. For instance, NASA is an acronym for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, RAM in your computer is short for Random Access Memory which is different from ROM, Read Only Memory, but according to the rules and dictionary definition of the word Acronym, initial letters when put together to form an acronym must always be pronounceable.

In case the initial letters are unable to be pronounced together, they are just abbreviations, not an acronym, for instance, CPU – Central Processing Unit, are pronounced as three separate letters and not as one word or CIA – Central Intelligence Agency. The letters that are put together but do not form a pronounceable word are called initialisms or simply, abbreviations. Many mnemonics include initialisms as well as acronyms.

Since the English language is an ever-evolving language, a recent addition to the family of acronyms should be discussed. The language of the Internet is replete with backronyms. A backronym is defined as a reverse acronym. It is an expression formed from the initial letters of an already existing word. For instance, Bing is an already established word but it has also become a backronym. Bing – Bing Is Not Google or Golf – Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.

Backronyms are often humorous and add a touch of comedy in written text. Backronyms are coined by common people who let their voices heard in a creative way. Some define FORD as, Fix Or Repair Daily and Navy as, Never Again Volunteer Yourself.
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Almonds are drupes, not nuts!

Almonds are drupes, not nuts!

As they say, you are what you eat. You can be sure that you don’t become a nut when you eat an almond anymore, because almonds are drupes, a type of fruit and not actually a nut.

Almonds come from a tree which bears fruit that contains a stone-like seed called drupes. Drupes have an outer fleshy skin containing a seed and covered with a shell. The fruit that bears a seed inside of it is not a nut, but it is actually a drupe.

Many people refer to seed found inside the almond fruit as nut. But nuts are described as a hard shelled fruit whose seeds cannot be released without a hard crack, such as a chestnut. The almond nut is actually the seed of an almost fruit which is not hard to crack.

Almonds have long been considered as the epitome of good health. It contains the richest health-benefiting nutrients essential for optimum health. It’s a deciduous tree, found in the Asian mountain ranges that offer fertile conditions favorable for its growth.

The almond tree blossoms between January and April and it’s extensively cultivated in almost all the regions of Mediterranean and Central Asia for more than 4,000 years. United States, Italy, China, Iran, Greece, Tunisia, and Turkey are among its major producers.

Almonds are rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids that help lower your bad cholesterol. They help in preventing coronary artery disease and strokes by favoring healthy blood lipid profile. Almonds are gluten-free and packed with essential B-complex groups of vitamins, such as riboflavin, vitamin B-6, and folates that work to stimulate enzymes during cellular substrate metabolism.

Almonds are an incredible source of minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. The richness of almonds includes the goodness of a nut as well as the fruits, providing a whole lot of nutrients to the human body.
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What is that liquid you notice in raw red meat?

What is that liquid you notice in raw red meat?

Whenever we purchase raw red meat, it is hard to ignore the red juice that seeps slowly out of the meat. The liquid is bright red in color but it’s lighter in consistency as compared to blood.

The red liquid that we consider as fresh blood is not really blood but red liquid composed of water and protein called myoglobin. It is often a distinguishing feature between red meat and white meat. If the meat contains a high level of myoglobin, the meat will be quite red in color. Animals that contain high amounts of myoglobin are considered as red meat, such as, cows, whereas animals having low level of myoglobin are considered as white meat, such as chicken and most of the sea-animals.  

Myoglobin is an iron and oxygen-binding protein similar to hemoglobin. It stores oxygen in muscle cells which is essential for muscles that require instant oxygen for energy during constant usage. Higher myoglobin level makes the meat redder and darker and will get even darker when it is cooked. This darkening effect is caused by myoglobin which is present even when the liquid evaporates during cooking.

Myoglobin is the main factor responsible for the meat color and it also determines the quality of meat. It works as an oxygen storage unit. It is released from a damaged muscle tissue that has a high concentration of myoglobin. Chicken and fish contain low levels of myoglobin which makes their meat less red in color.

Patients with heart disease and high cholesterol levels are told to eat only white meat because the red meat contains creatinine, phosphorus and zinc which are harmful to health if taken in large quantities. White meat contains less myoglobin and is considered healthy.
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What is Gangnam style anyway?

What is Gangnam style anyway?

Gangnam Style as we all know is a K-Pop single by Psy, most popular musician from South Korea.  The song came out in mid-2012 and within a matter of months became the first YouTube video to reach a billion views for its music and typical dance style.

But the song is still a mystery to many regarding its meaning and background. Gangnam is the name of a small area in Seoul, South Korea. The area houses 1% of the total population of Seoul representing the filthy rich inhabitants of Seoul. Initially, Gangnam was a small farmland but gradually it has become tremendously upscale.

The song Gangnam Style is a representation of the elite, who have recently gotten their hands on new money, and their lifestyles have become luxurious and replete with wealthy culture. The residents of the Gangnam region are the wealthiest in the whole of South Korea but are known to lack nobility in their characters.

Park Jae-sang popularly known as PSY grew up around Gangnam. The song depicts his view of the people who reside in Gangnam. Generally good-looking, the inhabitants of Gangnam have a high standard of living and splurge on luxury goods. The lifestyle of Gangnam resembles that of the famous, Beverly Hills in California.

The music video for Gangnam Style reached the highest views within six months of its release. The singer became a global celebrity beating Justin Bieber music videos on Billboard Charts. The song quickly became famous in America, South American and Europe and became the biggest sensation ever on the global music scene.

The song has been parodied in many countries and one year later, it is still the most watched video around the world. The singer has introduced remix versions which are equally popular.
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After tomatoes, cucumbers and corns join the fruit group!

After tomatoes, cucumbers and corns join the fruit group!

We all know that tomato is now legally a fruit, even though they are most often used as a vegetable. But according to latest findings of botanists, many of the foods we consume in our daily lives as vegetables are actually fruits.

According to the rules laid down by botanists, fruits are composed of a seed-bearing structure that matures from the ovary of a flower plant.  However, vegetables are foods that grow or breed from the other parts of a plant, including leaves, stems and roots.

If we go by the above rule and try to classify each of the foods that we eat daily, we put all the seedy outgrowths like, apples, guava, kiwi, and tomatoes in the fruits list, whereas the foods that outgrow from leaves like, iceberg, spinach, and stems such as celery and broccoli, and roots like potatoes, turnips, onions are classified as vegetables.

But many foods are described on the basis of their culinary aspects. Since many of the so-called seed-bearing fruits are savory instead of sweet, they are often cooked as vegetables and not usually eaten as raw fruits. For example, eggplants can hardly be eaten raw, they are best eaten when cooked and even barbecued but cannot be eaten raw. But since it contains seeds, it’s a fruit. Even corns and cucumbers are fruits since they contain seeds.

Fruits are considered by many people as sweet and tasty while vegetables are categorized as foods that are to be cooked prior to eating. Fruits can be served as part of a dessert, while vegetables cannot earn that spot on the dinner table. To put it simply, botanists classify between fruits and vegetables on a scientific basis, whereas chefs and cooks classify on the basis of their culinary aspect.
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Crying rivers over onions? Find out why!

Crying rivers over onions? Find out why!

Onions are the healthiest of vegetables but the only ones to make your eyes burn with pain! What is it in the onions that make our eyes water the minute we cut them?

Whenever we cut an onion, we are breaking its cells into pieces thus onion releases its enzymes. When underground, onions absorb sulfur from the soil, which is mixed with Amino acid sulfoxides forming Sulfenic acid. When these three gather inside an onion, they conjure up an oxide by the name of propanethiol, which is a volatile sulfur that causes the burning in our eyes as soon as we cut the onion with a knife.

When the enzymes waft upwards and meet our eyes, tears are formed. The sulfuric acid hits the moisture in our eyes, triggering a burning sensation in our eyes. The tears wash away the irritation caused by the sulfuric acid from the onion. The enzymes are deactivated once they are put on the burner for cooking, thereby, not causing tears while they are being cooked. Onions often leave an odor on fingers due to its sulfuric-containing compound.

There are a number of ways to protect you from becoming a victim of the characteristic onion irritation. Firstly, before you begin cutting the onions, leave them to refrigerate for half an hour or you can also put the onions in ice-water. The cooling of onions reduces the reaction of sulfuric acid and enzymes considerably. If you run water over the onion while cutting them, this also reduces the release of enzymes, making it easier for you to cut the onion without causing more irritation and burning in your eyes.

The irritation caused by cutting an onion last only a few seconds and the burning quickly diminishes after the first minute.
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CrowdVoice: a forum for any community that you can think of

CrowdVoice: a forum for any community that you can think of

Wouldn't it be nice if you can play, share, and socialize in your favorite community? But what happens if you wanted more? You got bored with being in just one community. Or you simply wanted to meet new people.

In that case, you could look for a new community, a new forum, a new website. You could search for it on Google. You could sign up as a new member. You would pretty much start from scratch in the new community.

Alternatively, you could just hang out in CrowdVoice ( in which case you automatically get to discover and be involved in the different communities of your choice.

Unlike a traditional forum which focuses only on specific sets of topic and has only one community behind it, CrowdVoice accommodates for any topics and any communities.

In CrowdVoice, there is a concept of guild. A guild is essentially an independent community around a specific topic. There can be a guild around humor. There can be a guild about soccer. There can be a guild about technology-related stuff. There can even be a guild about your neighbours next door, if someone actually cares to build a community about them. You can find all available guilds at or if there isn't a guild of your interest, you can propose to create one yourself.
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Bluetooth: how a king's name became the name of a technology

Bluetooth: how a king's name became the name of a technology

Never before in human history changes came so fast and thick as in the “communications era” we are breathing in. The inventions and discoveries have opened a barrage of new words and expressions becoming part of our every day vocabulary as well as our dictionaries.

One such word that found its way into our vocabulary today is “Bluetooth”. The majority of people using the word do not have the slightest idea about the historical significance of the word. And yet we use it excessively to show off our technological prowess.

Just how many of us know that the name Bluetooth is derived from a 10th century King Harald Bluetooth Gormson who ruled as a King of Denmark from 958 and the King of Norway for a few years around 970 AD. Born around 935 AD, he died in 986 or 987 AD.

The technology that we call Bluetooth today has derived its name from the nickname of King Harald who briefly ruled a part of Scandinavia some 1000 years ago. The expression, a household expression today permeates all physical and lingual barriers today, is a way of paying tribute to King Bluetooth who united warring Scandinavian tribes of Denmark, Norway and Sweden into a single kingdom, - even if temporarily. The “Bluetooth” technology does the same to the communications protocols by uniting them into a single universal standard.

King Harald’s nickname “Bluetooth” was first documented around 1140 AD. There are many explanations for him acquiring the nickname. According to one explanation he may had a much noticeable bad or “blue” tooth with blue used for dark or black. There is another theory that he got the nickname for making a habit of wearing blue clothes. And there is also a theory that he got the nickname because he loved eating blueberries that ultimately stained his teeth blue.

As for Bluetooth technology that we use today is simply an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs).
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Is there such a thing as “kissing disease”?

Is there such a thing as “kissing disease”?

Is there such an ailment as ‘kissing disease”? Physician-turned-print and broadcast journalist Dr. Tyseese Gaines says that there is.

The “kissing disease”, Dr Tyseese says is the given name for medical term “mono virus”. In one of her programs Dr Tyseese said that what she termed “kissing disease” is called ‘mono virus” in the medical term.

Dr. Tyseese said that back-to-school season is also the peak season of the “kissing disease”. They also advised the young students to be mindful of the symptoms of the disease. Fever, sore throat and swollen glands as the most tell-tale signs of mono fever aka ‘kissing disease, she said. In addition, people infected with mono virus also feel extremely tired for weeks on end.

The mono virus, she explained, is called the “kissing disease” because the virus stays in the throat as well as the saliva for months once someone is infected. The mono virus poses risk to the well being of both the school and college students in particular because they happen to in the age group that has just started kissing and thus are more susceptible to catch the virus, she added.

She warned young students that there is no treatment for “kissing disease” and advised that they could use medicines like Tylenol to ease the pain and the fever which is the part and parcel of the mono virus.

In one of her earlier video presentation Dr. Tyeese Gaines also talked of the unhealthy aspects of kissing the consequences of which catching eight germs from kissing including severe case of gingivitis.

Dr. Tyseese Gaines’ video could be viewed from the page below.
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Lorem ipsum dolar is not meaningless

Lorem ipsum dolar is not meaningless

Lorem Ipsum Dolar is the most widely used dummy text in the present century. Whether it’s your template for your Wordpress blog or your incomplete business brochure, Lorem Ipsum Dolar is the text printed all over it.

You might think, those three words are completely incomprehensible, dead words. But, in reality, they aren’t. Let’s take a step back in time, or let’s take two steps back, because we are going 2000 years back in time.

Cicero, the greatest Roman Philosopher, Lawyer and Politician of all times have penned those highly frequent words in use today. The words are written in Latin and are a significant part of a treatise named, “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum”, meaning The Extremes of Good and Evil. Sounds too serious, doesn’t it? Well, the people of those times had a real knack of things whether they were lawyers, politicians, writers, philosophers, etc.

The text that is most often used as dummy text is a paragraph of 100+ words, which are translated below:

"There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain..."

Lorem Ipsum Dalor is a phrase in Latin, used today as a placeholder test in publishing and graphic design demonstrating the graphical elements of a document, webpage, or presentation, etc. signifying the font, typography and layout of the text. The placement of Lorem Ipsum Dalor helps in reducing distraction of content.

The latest and most popular version of the phrase, Lorem Ipsum Dolar was first created Apple Macintosh desktop publishing program known as, Aldus PageMaker in the mid-1980s. Since then, the text has become a common practice for various softwares and programs, like, Microsoft Word, Adobe Dreaweaver, Wordpress, Joomla, etc.

Lorem Ipsum Dolar has been used as dummy text since the 1500s, or since the start of publishing. Today, the text has survived four long centuries and continues to be a significant part of the web and it surely does have meaning to it.
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How high can a drug peddler get? Sky high?

How high can a drug peddler get? Sky high?

Well, two could not and neither would the 260 pounds of marijuana they were hoping to claim at a drop zone in San Diego.

In the early morning hours, an ultra-light aircraft made a fancy flight across the border from Mexico and picked up a field near Brown Field Airport to drop a large metal cage with the merchandise in it.

A 49 year old man along with his 32 year old accomplice soon arrived at the scene to claim their prized possession unaware of the fact that officials of U.S Customs and Border Protection were at sniffing distance from them. The office of Air and Marine had tracked the plane from the moment it crossed the border at 4:15 am and escaped back soon after making the drop.

With a street value of $157,000 according to CBS LA, the two arrested suspects can expect to spend quite a lot of time behind the bars.
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Do your palms get sweaty when you are excited? Find out why!

Do your palms get sweaty when you are excited? Find out why!

Have you ever stood in front of an audience and lost your speech? You must have had sweat on your forehead or palms as a result of your embarrassment. But this is not actually the case. You don’t get sweaty palms from feeling embarrassed; you get them when you are nervous about something. Sweaty palms are often seen as a sign of nervousness in people, whether young or old.

In scientific terms, having excessively sweaty palms is known as “Palmar Hyperhidrosis”. Generally, there are two different situations that lead to it, Emotional Stress when your body tries to control its temperature. The other situation is Excitement or Nervousness, which causes stimulation of a specific sweat gland.  It is the Eccrine glands that control your body temperature. Their highest concentrations are found on the forehead, your palms and the soles of your feet.

Whenever Eccrine glands are stimulated, they release an odorless fluid on the skin which evaporates into air. It works in cooling off your body temperature. The neurotransmitter that sends a signal to your Eccrine glands about excitement of nervousness is called Acetylcholine which first transfers your body temperature to the hypothalamus in your brain, prior to releasing the colorless fluid.

Excessive sweating is irritating and embarrassing to most people. Sweaty palms can be treated by applying topical antiperspirants which help reduce excesses sweating on the palms.

Whenever you are stressed emotionally, it causes an immediate reaction in your sympathetic nervous system which affects the Eccrine glands on your forehead, palms, etc. Having sweaty palms help in controlling the humidity of the outer and uppermost layer of the skin which improves the friction on your skin.

Having sweaty palms is not such a bad thing. Infact, it is as natural as feeling happy and excited!
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Website design and development

Website design and development

The design of a website serves the same purpose in the digital world as the exterior of any other commercial business serves in the physical world. The ultimate purpose of the two is to draw the shoppers or diners inside the premises and ultimately the sales.

Website is the front window of any and all digital businesses without which a commercial business could not be expected to survive no matter how good the product could be.

It is the face of a digital business crucial to attract the attention of prospective net surfers to turn them into buyers.

In the age of cutthroat competition in the digital world website design has become a matter of success and failure for the digital businesses.

Web designing is not only about designing, colors, display and text. It is not only about technology, for which you could hire a professional. It is also about knowing exactly what you want to offer and why; your close and distant competitors; and about is your edge.

The web-designer could only be able design a great website for you if you know your market, business and competitors. Technicalities such as graphic design; interface design and search engine optimization would work out only when you tell the web site designer just what your initial and ultimate objectives are.

Since every single business has its very specific needs and requirements their front office, the website, must be built around them.

Website design is not only science and technology but it is also arts because it has to grab the aesthetic attention of even the chance surfer to a point where he/she gets drawn into your shop- digital as it is.

In short, the design, the layout, the technologies and technicalities of a website, any website that wants to remain in business and to grow and to be profitable, should keep emitting as they say good vibes, as they say, to make digital buyers get attracted to and ultimately queue up in front of digital sales counter.
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